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The Big D Bag

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The Big D Bag is a premium, all-encompassing subscription box full of outdoor products to help you elevate your outdoor experience. Our bag is packed full of practical and innovative gear from American outdoor brands. These outdoor products range from the essentials that every outdoorsman should have to brand new gear that’s hitting the market for the first time. 

We are owned and operated by Military Veterans and avid outdoorsmen that put their reputation on the line with each and every bag. We ensure that each and every product is tested and approved by the before shipping it to you! Therefore are committed to working with top-tier American outdoor brands to ensure the highest quality. 

We include an astonishing 2x value minimum of outdoor products in every month’s bag, meaning you’re getting amazing gear from the best outdoor brands for half the price. Multitools, hatchets, hammocks, flashlights, coffee, headphones, you name it - if there’s use for it in the outdoors, you will find it in our bag. 

Try the Big D Bag and see why we have some of the most loyal subscribers around.