Why We Chose The Name “The Big D Bag”

The Big D Bag -

Why We Chose The Name “The Big D Bag”

When people first come across our company they’re naturally a little curious. A lot of “do they know what that means?” “These guys must be complete a**holes” and “Why would they do that??” comments come to mind.

Well your answers, in order, are: Yes. Not usually. Because we can.

Believe it or not, we knew exactly what we were doing when we gave ourselves this (highly controversial) name.

We named our subscription bag The Big D Bag because we wanted to help outdoorsmen and adventurers near and far remember to stop being a D Bag when they’re in the wild. 

There are times when it’s acceptable to take a laissez-faire approach and be unprepared, the wing-it approach as we like to call it. Those times include going to a State Fair, tailgating at a football game, and attending your cousin’s wedding. 

A trip to the wilderness is NOT that time. 

With The Big D Bag, our intention is to give you the best outdoor gear on the market to make sure you’re prepared for any kind of trip you take to the great outdoors. Whether you’re a complete novice or an expert survivalist, we equip you with gear that will ensure you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

Most importantly, we will make sure that you are not that Big D Bag that’s holding everyone else back. No one wants to be “that guy” that doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing when you’re out camping, hunting, or fishing. And you can be sure that no one wants to invite “that guy” on the trip in the first place. Contrarily, everyone wants “that legend” that brings along a new toy that they haven’t used before or an essential item that will undoubtedly save the trip. 

The Big D Bag will allow you to be “that legend” instead of “that guy.” And instead of being relegated to bear watch all night because you have nothing else to contribute, your friends will embrace you with open arms and give you extra s’mores for being MVP of the trip. 

Don’t be a D Bag when it’s so easy to get our subscription bag and be a hero. You and your friends/significant others will thank us later.

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