The Big D Bag Vs Battle Box

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The Big D Bag Vs Battle Box

We already know that the Big D Bag is the best subscription box for outdoorsmen, hunters, survivalists, and all around bad asses. That being said, we thought we’d check out some of our “competition” and see how they stack up against the ole’ D Bag. This week's victim is... Battle box.

The Best Deal for Outdoorsmen Subscription Boxes

Let’s compare the Battle box $60/month subscription box with our $52/month subscription to the Big D Bag.  

Right off the bat, the Big D Bag beats out Battlebox when it comes to competitive pricing. Judging by the reviews, it seems like the majority of Battlebox customers tend to complain about receiving a lot of “fluff items”, and don’t really feel like they’re getting the best bang for their buck. 

One huge benefit that keeps outdoorsmen, hunters, and survivalists coming back to the Big D Bag is our guarantee to send products that are worth at least DOUBLE what the price of the box is.




From our research, it seems like Battle Box tends to send a bunch of fluff items like little cheap food packs you can get at the dollar store.

We send 4-5 high-value items that are useful in multiple outdoor situations. Additionally, we have one featured item each month that’s sure to knock your waterproof wool hunting socks off.

And the Winner of “Best Subscription Box for Hunters, Outdoorsmen, and Survivalists is...

The Big D Bag! 

Not only are our products all around higher quality, ours is field tested by our veteran owners. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no hassle at all, and we have a constantly growing community of members who love to share tips, tricks, and stories about how they’re using their Big D Bags to conquer nature.

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